Java Jersey – RESTful API framework

I have been using the Java Jersey framework to create a RESTful API for internal use, and eventually public consumption at work. Many of the features possible within the framework are needed, and have been implemented. Over the next several weeks, I will explain how some of the more important features were implemented. We are currently using version 2.5.1 of the framework. Stay tuned.

ZenDesk – A well designed product

I have been implementing a new knowledge base ticketing system at work. The system we are using is ZenDesk. This is one of the best designed commercial systems I have ever seen. The interface and features are amazing. When organizing lists of items that will be displayed to a user the method of re-ordering them is simple drag and drop. Triggers to handle the ticketing process are amazingly powerful. And the API is RESTful and well designed as well as, amazingly, well documented. I’ll be posting on specific features of ZenDesk in future posts. I’m currently looking at the search capability of the API to do custom reporting.