New job. More microservices posts coming soon.

Shortly after my last post I changed jobs. Doing the same stuff, just more time to do it.

I plan on posting more about microservices and the technologies that I will be using to support the microservices infrastructure.

The current areas of focus are Messaging, Kafka or RabbitMQ, and Spring Boot/Cloud. Inter service communication will ideally be via the message bus.

That’s enough for now, back to work.

Microservices – Part 1 – Intro

I have been very busy at work, trying to get our Microservices infrastructure in place. This has involved a lot of searching, following a lot of the microservices experts, and a lot of experimentation.

I will, time allowing create a series of entries about the experience of getting microservices accepted in an organization that had been primarily several monilithic APIs.

I suspect my first article, after this one, will be about Spring Boot and Spring Cloud, as they are the primary basis for what we are developing.

Once I have completed that I will start with deployment options in Amazon Web Services (AWS), and some Continuous Deployment options.

Stay tuned.